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Holiday Kombucha Recipe - Melange

Holiday Kombucha Recipe - Melange 1

We're always trying to see just how far we can go in playing with our primary ferments. This recipe is a great example of treading in unknown territory and coming out with a positive result.  

Generally we don't advise using non-tea or whole spices in primary fermentation, as this can interfere with the metabolism of the culture and won't guarantee a successful brew. But with plenty of culture to go around, and some ambitious spirit, we've found we can take our brews to places unfathomed. Enter Melange, the ultimate holiday kombucha.   Some of our favorite spices are prevalent around the holiday season, so we decided to take two of the tastiest - clove and cinnamon - for a ride in this brew. This recipe gets bonus points for its simplicity!   Makes 1 gallon  


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup brewed kombucha (for starter)

  Boil water as you would normally, and steep the tea blend along with the cloves and cinnamon. Once you've allowed this mix to steep for at least 20 minutes, just remove the tea bag (leave the clove and cinnamon in!), add sugar, top off with cool water, and add your SCOBY and starter. Unique to this brew, we're leaving the cloves and cinnamon in with the culture for the primary fermentation process - we didn't notice any adverse effects to the SCOBY at all!   

Faultless SCOBY growing, even with a clove embedded![/caption]   As with any brew, allow to ferment until a balance of sweetness and acidity is achieved. Let sit at room temperature for 2-3 weeks to allow carbonation to develop, if you want effervescence. Serve this on cold winter mornings with breakfast for a warming pick-me-up!   We are not responsible for any inadvertent prescience or trance-like states imparted by the consumption of Melange.

Kombuchmaster's guide to Giving Tuesday

Kombuchmaster's guide to Giving Tuesday 2

Like a cool glass of kombucha after a big Thanksgiving meal, #GivingTuesday is a great way to cleanse the palette of consumerism after the big shop-off that happens every year on Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend. As a kombucha brewer, you have special fermentation skills that can bring health and vitality to so many people in your community. Today, on this Giving Tuesday, put your skills to work for the people and spread the kombucha health.   Kombuchmaster's Guide To Giving Tuesday   Donate ‘buch Your favorite local charity, club, civic group, NGO, spiritual center, not-for-profit, school group, and many others, would love to have fresh and healthy ‘buch to serve to those in need as well as to help fuel their own work in their quest to do good. As a kombucha brewer, you know that making a straight up batch of ‘buch is as easy as brewing a cup of tea. So next time you brew up a batch, reach into that SCOBY HOTEL and put on a second or even a third batch to donate to a local organization.   Throw a ‘buch party Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll live forever. Same goes with the ‘buch! As a kombrewer, the most valuable thing you have is knowledge. So spread it! Invite members of your community to your home to learn the skill of kombucha brewing or perhaps your local community center, school, library, or YMCA will host your event. And we want to help out! Get in touch with us for group discounts on KBBK brewing supplies to help your neighbors get started.   Secret Santa some SCOBY Rancher's Snacks! Guerilla ‘buching has never been as fun as it is in the holidays. It’s a great time to use up some of those SCOBYs you’ve been stashing in your SCOBY hotel. Make up a big batch of SCOBY Rancher's Snacks, package them in small, sneakable packages, and leave them on your co-workers’ desk, drop them into the holiday stockings of friends that you visit, or drop them in a bowl and take them to your holiday potluck!   From us here at KBBK, thank you for joining us in giving on #GivingTuesday and every day of the year!
Kombucha Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Kombucha Holiday Gift Guide 2015 0

It can be tough to know just what to get for your BFF (best fermenting friend). Let us help you with some tried-and-true gifts that are sure to add some joy to this holiday season. Selected based on ordering history, here is our Kombucha Holiday Gift Guide 2015:  


For the Kombrewster just starting out:  

1 Gallon Ceramic Deluxe Kit with Kit Upgrade This combo will gift the new brewer with everything they need to brew, bottle and start experimenting with flavors. A 1 gallon ceramic crock with its organic cloth cover will not only look great, but it will fit in a kitchen of any size. Enough ingredients for 4 rounds of ‘buch will get them through until Valentine’s Day. Share the wealth of kombucha with your loved ones.


For the Kombrewmaster already established in their practice:  

Kombucha Wine Kit Kombucha is wonderful. Did you know it is also the base for a sophisticated, sulfite-free wine? This season, give your favorite kombuchasseur the gift of a Kombucha Wine Kit and bring in the new year with added style! Comes with everything some one who is already brewing ‘buch will need to complete the wine ferment.  


For the Fermentation Enthusiast:    

3 Gallon Ceramic Crock with Organic Cotton Cover, Weights, and Lid. This is the ultimate setup for the home fermenter. Use it with the organic cotton cover to brew fabulous ‘buch. In between batches of kombucha, fill it with cabbage and salt or ingredients for your favorite kimchi recipe, weigh them down with the weights, cover it with the lid and put your crock to work overtime!

Kombucha Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Kombucha Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 0


It's the best time of the year... brew and share your kombucha! Check out the new additions - like our brand new heat mats, tea blends and crock upgrades!  

Now through Monday at midnight take advantage of our Kombucha Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale and give the gift of fermentation.

15% off everything in the entire store 20% off if you spend $150 or more 25% off if you spend $250 or more

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Shop now.   Happy holidays!   Team KBBK
Kombucha Heat Mats are Back

Kombucha Heat Mats are Back 0


Heat mats are back, and better than ever!

As many of our customers know, heat mats have been out of stock for a while. Our original 1-gallon heat mats were made in China, one of the last of our items made outside the US. As practical and affordable as they were, they very often did not last long. In our search for quality American-made heat mats, we found a small company in West Wareham, MA. They not only produce exactly what we are looking for, but do so at a very reasonable price.   Let us introduce you to the new mats:   Kombucha Heat Mat, Small - This 12 by 4 inch mat is designed for a 1/2- or 1-gallon glass jar. With the option to add another foot of length to the mat, you can heat an additional vessel when you place the jars on top. Pictured above.   Kombucha Heat Mat, Large - This 12 by 6 inch mat is designed for a larger brewing vessel, perfect for a 1-gallon crock. With the option to add 1 foot of length, it is perfect for a 2-gallon or 3-gallon crock; with 2 extra feet, it is perfect for a 5-gallon crock.  

Each mat can effectively raise the temperature of your brew by 10°F. By insulating the outside of the mat with a towel, you can increase the temperature by 5-10°F.   Heating will be essential to your brews this winter, so make sure you've got a heat mat to keep your brew warm!

How Do You Say Kombucha?

How Do You Say Kombucha? 0

SCOBY. Culture. Mother. Mushroom. Many are the names we call our beloved masses of chewy, rubbery kombucha colonies.   We get asked frequently, though: How do you say kombucha? It's an appropriated term that would actually classically refer to seaweed (kombu) tea (cha), so we can get pretty close to an agreeable method of pronouncing the name of our beloved beverage.   kom (like dot-com, compare)   BOO (what a ghost says, or your significant other)   cha (like the cha-cha dance, "ch" as in chai, ch-ch-ch-CHIA!, choo-choo, "a" as in "ahh," or "cole-slaw")  


Seems simple enough, yes? We've heard tons of different pronunciations for kombucha. Here are some of our favorites:   Kumbachi   Kombatchki   Kanboochie   Conbooka   Kanbatchy...   You get the picture. For all of you who were wondering, now you know! Here's your next chance to be hip around the water cooler!



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