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Fermentation Vessels
Kombucha is brewed in open-air vessels covered tightly with fine-weave cloth. Use culinary-grade ceramic, glass or stainless steel to ensure your ‘buch will be the healthiest ‘buch on your block. Here are some of our favorite vessels for fermenting ‘

Fermentation Vessels

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1 Gallon Glass Brew jar
1 Gallon Glass Brew jar
At KBBK Kombucha Brooklyn, we have been brewing delicious and healthful kombucha for years. We've learned a thing or two along the way an...
A perfect size brew jar for storing SCOBYs, testing new brews and getting new ones started. It's always a good idea to hang onto SCOBYs i...
Brewer's Heat Mat, 1-Gallon Ceramic Crock Wrap
Kombucha Heat Mat
Temperature is everything in brewing. The Kombucha Heat Mat raises temperature of brew vessel by 5°-10°F. Wrapping a towel around the hea...
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2 Gallon Ceramic Crock
2 Gallon Ceramic Crock
You've got a few 1-gallon brews under your belt but sure could go for doubling your weekly production. The 2-gallon brew crock is just yo...
1 Gallon Ceramic Crock
1 Gallon Ceramic Crock
Is your beautiful kombucha brew scaring off potential mates? The 1-gallon crock is just for you. Made in the USA specially for KBBK, guar...
3 Gallon Ceramic Crock
3-Gallon Ceramic Crock
Now you mean business! Tired of skimping on 'buch all week until your next brew is done? Look no further than the 3-gallon crock. With th...
5 Gallon Ceramic Crock
5-Gallon Ceramic Crock
This is a crock that says welcome to the 'buch big leagues. This is an excellent size for infrequent brewers who will be able to make kom...
100% Organic Cotton Cloth Cover
100% Organic Cotton Cloth Cover
Don't forget to cover your kombucha! These cloth covers will help you avoid dust, fruit flies and mold - an essential to your brewing se...
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