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Brewer of the Month

Brewer of the Month Competition

Next submission deadline: Friday August 30th



We're beckoning YOU - the brewer - to plan, steep, ferment, flavour and throw down the best kombucha ever!

Concuss our refined palates with temporal bliss, synaptically conjure childhood memories; explore your unique understanding of what makes 'buch taste so great, and what unfathomable combinations of flavor and brewing technique will win you this competition!


                                                    1st Place                                                  2nd Place

First Prize         Second Prize




  • All submissions must be entered on or before current submission date
  • Submissions will be emailed to Subject line should read "Brewer's Competition Submission."
  • All submissions must be entered with your shipping address and a picture of you and your brew. Go nuts!
  • All teas, sweeteners, flavorings are admissable for this competition, please nothing too hard to find or extremely expensive.
  • All submissions must include a specific receipe i.e. amounts by weight of ingredients, directions, brewing times and temperatures. Feel free to name your breadwinner as well.
  • The top five selected buch recepies will be brewed, and judged after a 1-2 week secondary fermentation in bottles.
  • Prizes will be delivered by mail!


The Second Place winner will receive

1-gallon ceramic crock,

a classy KBBK 12-oz Glass,

and a premium brewing tea!


The First Place winner will receive

a 3-gallon ceramic crock,

a KBBK shirt,

and a classy KBBK 12-oz Glass!



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