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How to Brew & Bottle

How to Brew

Basics for Brewing 1 Gallon

  • Make sure brewing area, jar, pot, hands and utensils are clean and free of soap residue
  • Boil 1/4 gallon of fresh, filtered water
  • Steep six tea bags (12 grams) in hot water for 20 mins. DO NOT do this step in the fermentation jar - this step should be performed in a vessel that can withstand high temperatures, i.e. the pot used to boil the water.
  • The tea you use should be simple and unflavored - Earl Grey and other flavored teas are NOT recommended as they contain volatile oils that may affect your brew. Stick with basic teas for primary fermentation, and flavor when you bottle
  • Only add SCOBY/culture and starter once your tea has cooled to 100 degrees or less

1-Gallon Brewing Instructions

How to Bottle

Tips for Bottling

  • There is no “right” time to cease the ferment. It’s up to you! Do you like it sweet? Or sour? If it goes too long and becomes kombucha vinegar, use it in dressings or marinades! Kombucha is healthy and alive from the time you inoculate until the time it turns to vinegar so have at it at any time!
  • When you’ve deemed your ‘buch ready for bottling, there will usually be two SCOBYs : the one that came with the kit, and the newly formed SCOBY that has developed on the surface. Using clean hands, remove these two SCOBYs and place them in a clean, covered container. Next, remove 1-1⁄2 cups of your ‘buch to use as liquid starter in your next batch. Pour the rest of your ‘buch into resealable bottles. We have sweet 32-oz amber glass growlers in our online Brew Shop—the perfect vessel to protect your home-brewed ‘buch while it mellows post-fermentation!




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