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 KBBK Class Syllabus

Brew Kamp I and II - 120 Min


Everything you need to know to brew your own 'buch and reap the rewards of this ancient elixir. New to 'buch? Get started here.

Brewing and Fermentation

  • Wait what is ‘Buch Kamp?
  • history and health benefits
  • Brewing Instructions
  • Your Next Batch
  • Foreign Invaders, Unwanted Kompany


Bottling and Secondary Fermentation

  • mice en place
  • bottling and flavoring instructions
  • addnl. Info. about bottling and 2nd Fermentation
  • alcohol in kombucha



Buch Kamp III - 120 Min


Once you learn to brew your own 'buch, it's time to take your brew to a whole new level of awesome.

A Higher Level of Taste and Knowledge

  • Flavoring Considerations
  • Tea Blending (1st and 2nd Ferm.)
  • Adding Flavoring Foodstuffs (2nd Ferm. Only)
  • Alternative Sweeteners
  • Alcoholic KB Production
  • Graduation!



Cooking with Kombucha and SCOBYs 120 min











  • What is Kombucha and how can we use it in our meals? 
  • Introduction to Mise en Placé, equipment organization and cleanliness, other kitchen basics
  • Kombucha and SCOBY cooking techniques
  • Food and kombucha flavor pairing, profiles
  • Tasting Demo





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